Power and Internet! Getting Ready for PowerShell Summit North America 2014

We want to make sure Summit attendees have an excellent experience, and we believe part of that is having good expectations about what the event will offer.

We’re NOT in a Microsoft-owned office building this year, so there are two important things – well, three – that cost a LOT of money: Internet and power. The third is coffee.

We will have a shared 5Mbps WiFi network, which means you may experience slow connections. Don’t show up expecting to remote desktop into your computers back home. PowerShell Remoting, maybe, since it’s so low-bandwidth, but RDP may struggle. Skype may struggle. Etc. That bandwidth unfortunately costs us thousands of dollars per day, so its all we could do. BTW, that was a tongue-in-cheek dig at RDP.

We will also not be running power hither and yon, and you may not drape your power cord across walkways. So plan to put the laptop away. Maybe take notes on that fancy Surface or iPad, with their all-day battery life?

Coffee we will have, hopefully in abundance. Tea, too. But if you’re a gallon-a-day drinker, try to spread it out over the day! We’ll have cold soft drinks in limited supply during the afternoon break and lunch, and the Center does have vending machines. Bring some cash. They charge us about $4.25 for a can of soda, so again, we had to budget.

We’re also thinking we’re all in the wrong business, and that we should open a convention center. Seriously, coffee is almost $70/gallon. And that’s in Seattle, where the stuff comes out of the faucets, practically.

These costs, incidentally, are not out of line for a convention center – if anything, they’re pretty reasonable. Comparatively. Which is why major conferences cost so much to attend.