Capturing the Goodness! Getting Ready for PowerShell Summit North America 2014


As you pack your gear, consider how you’ll be capturing the awesomeness that our speakers will be presenting.

If speakers want to share their session materials, they may – we’ll post (right here) anything we’re given. Most speakers will probably permit audio and/or video recordings (please ask first), which you’re welcome to make and, with the speaker’s permission, share. If that’s your plan, keep in mind that power outlets will be limited, so you might want to work with a device that can have an extra battery or something.

Notepaper works well, too, and you’ll need to bring your own.

And of course, if you have a tablet or something and want to take notes on that, go for it. Again, spare batteries are the order of the day, as you shouldn’t expect a power outlet to be handy.

Due to the expense and logistics, we are not making official recordings of any sessions. We know everyone wants them, it’s just an expense we couldn’t take on this time. But if the speaker is okay with it, we’re not stopping you from doing so. Maybe team up with other attendees and trade off recording duties? If you do record and share videos, let us know, and we’ll be happy to publicize the URL and get you some mad YouTube h1tz.