Fundraising: PowerShell People Kick Butt, Take Names

Announcements, PowerShell Summit

Our IndieGoGo Campaign is off to an amazing start, raising over $6,300 (including some offline donations) toward our ultimate $9,000 goal. So far, we've raised enough to ensure we can record two tracks of Summit content - enabling us to record speakers' laptops and voice, and to post the videos on YouTube, for free. Meeting our full $9,000 goal will enable three tracks of recordings, which is what the North American show currently produces.
The equipment we're investing in will also support, should we choose to add it, an analog camera input and automatic picture-in-picture, meaning we can later add-on to include video of the speaker(s) as well as what's on their laptop.
This equipment also meets an important set of goals for us: It requires no software on speaker laptops (often problematic), and it's operated - literally - by a single big, red, lighted button. Meaning, it's easy to use and shouldn't interfere with the live audience's experience.
I'm personally humbled by the generosity of our community. While larger donations are being considered "share purchases" in, Inc., these contributors are essentially getting nothing in return for their money - but they're making something possible that will benefit everyone. Making this content permanently available, for free, will become a treasure trove of valuable information forever. I can't express my gratitude enough.
Tell a colleague, tell a friend: Every donation helps, no matter how small. And thank you, thank you, thank you.

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