Massive Update to All Seven Free eBooks at


We've just finished a massive re-do of all 7 free ebooks.
First, they're now hosted in a public OneDrive folder. This means you can quickly and easily view them online, download a DOCX, or download a PDF. Anytime, anywhere.
Second, we've had folks go through and make the formatting more consistent, using a more modern font and somewhat "airier" spacing. Hopefully that translates to "nicer to read." All the original code is also accessible, and available for one-click downloading. Note that .PS1 files may open for viewing; you need to checkmark the file to download it.
Uploads are now proceeding, so depending on when you read this, some files might still be in progress. The GitHub versions (which were problematic for some folks to download) will be removed shortly. Please update your links; has already been updated.

2 Responses to " Massive Update to All Seven Free eBooks at "

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  2. Josh Nurczyk says:

    I can’t access OneDrive while at work. Is there any alternative available, or even planned? I understand it’s more work, so no worries if not. I’ll just have to make myself do it at home.