PowerShell Summit N.A. 2014 Financial Report

So, we think we’ve gotten all the numbers, and in keeping with our tradition of transparency, here they are:

We earned $113,833.51 in registration fees.

Expenses included insurance ($398), the event venue, A/V, and F&B ($73,835.21), speaker hotel arrangements ($11,599.80), event management ($3,000), speaker travel reimbursement ($11,677.36 – this includes registration fee refunds to several speakers), registration service ($1,490), and misc F&B expenses ($213.82).

That’s a profit of $11,619.32, which will immediately be rolled toward the expected $21,000 amount due to the hotel for PowerShell Summit Europe 2014.

We should point out that future Summit events will be on somewhat smaller budgets. For example, we’ll be more limited in our ability to cover speaker travel, and will not automatically provide hotel accommodations for speakers. The specifics will differ from event to event, and we’ll make all that clear as we plan each one. In many cases, we’ll be able to cover more speaker expenses if the event draws over a certain number of attendees; if the event draws fewer folks, there will be fewer funds from which we can reimburse.

Future Summit events will be funded entirely from the $800/person membership fee in the Association for Windows PowerShell Professionals (AWPP); of that, approximately $650 is allocated to the Summit, while the rest is allocated to PowerShell.org operating expenses. Expect a detailed report on those operating expenses after we conclude our shareholder meeting in June 2014. Certain Summit special events (mainly evening receptions) may be funded in part or in whole by corporate sponsors, including Microsoft.

Additionally, we have so far raised approximately $7,000 (net after fees) toward recording future Summit sessions. That’s almost enough to provide full three-track recording, and it’s definitely enough to provide two tracks of recordings. Since Europe will only be one track, and since the N.A. 2015 show hasn’t yet been determined, we’re definitely proceeding with the equipment purchase as we can to this point.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the PowerShell Summit and PowerShell.org!