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Episode 268 - PowerScripting Podcast - Paul Long from Microsoft on Message Analyzer

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen:

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Paul Long from Microsoft about Message Analyzer



Guest - Paul Long



Chatroom Highlights:






<ScriptingWife> FYI Ed and I will be the guests for Singapore online meeting Friday night May 2nd 830 PM EST (Sat May 3rd Singapore time) sign up here

<halr9000> ## you guys know this part

<stevenmurawski> ## Are there any good walk thrus with Message Analyzer?  The learning curve is pretty steep coming from Netmon or Wireshark.

<stevenmurawski> ## can you run captures on server core or or remote instances and analyze locally?

<stevenmurawski> ## Any analyzers for PowerShell remoting or CIM over WSMAN?

<Stuwee> ## halr9000, you need to stay close to the mic, you seem to fade alot.

<stevenmurawski> ## Is there an option to view info (with a filter) in realtime, (like the commandline version of wireshark or tcpdump)?

<Stuwee> ## What can you do with PSH and Message Analyzer?


The Question -

  • Super power: omniscient

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