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Episode 270 - PowerScripting Podcast - MVP Jim Christopher on StudioShell and More

A Podcast about Windows PowerShell. Listen:

In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to MVP Jim Christopher about frameworks and the PowerShell Summit



Guest - Jim Christopher


Chatroom Highlights:

<JonWalz> This is very cool

<alevyinroc> I’m slightly considering doing this:



<Jaykul> Hey, anyone ever seen a laptop get a bar in the screen and have half the screen be washed out like ...

<gpduck> Also here is the link to the provider framework:

<jgigz> shameless plug for my coworker who is using p2f:

<randal_hicks> ( @ now )

<gpduck> VS Object Model:

<vhusker> talk about the summit reminds me.  Snover put out the article on using JEA today.


<Jaykul> Stuwee: SHhhh.

<Jaykul> category list in sidebar

<sScriptngWife> ## I have an announcement.  I rode the mechanical bull successfully Wed night! pics and videos coming soon

<Jaykul> ## You broke the SQLite provider. Whine Whine.

<ScriptWarrior> ## Ask jim about Lucky Strike 🙂

<Stuwee> ## Can you go into more detail on PSGET ?

<Jaykul> ## Exceept it doesn't handle dependencies (yet)

<Jaykul> ## And you can't upload modules (yet)

<organicit> ## can we host our internal Module repo?

<Jaykul> ## QUESTION: Your most complicated module doesn't have dependencies on other modules?

<Stuwee> ## How would we browse those modules today or do you need to be "invited"?

<Jaykul> ## DO YOU THINK we should enforce the use of the technet "technology tree" categories? I.e.: pick ONE category?

<Jaykul> ## Also, do you know there's a preference variable to turn off autoloading, or make it autoload only when you explicitly specify Module\Verb-Noun

<Stuwee> ## What was that Philadelphia code camp statement?

The Question - Jim

  • Favorite Sci Fi Movie: Alien


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