Announcing TechSessions, the Free PowerShell Webinars from

We’re getting set to announce our first four monthly TechSessions, a new series of free webinars from Because we’re starting small, dates and times will be announced only in the TechLetter newsletter, starting with the mid-May issue. So if you want to know about the webinars, sign up for the newsletter!

We’ll initially be able to support 100 attendees in the live event; we’ll evaluate response and adjust as needed after the first few months. However, all webinars will also be recorded, and available to anyone for viewing at any time. Past session recordings will be announced on, and you’ll find a link to those on the Webinar page.

Once we’re ramped up, we’ll announce webinars in the main event schedule, along with the TechLetter. The live event will offer discussion, Q&A, and other benefits, so you’ll want to try and attend live if you can. These will be scheduled for the first or second week of the month in most cases, usually on a Thursday, and usually at 11am US Pacific time. However, specific months may require us to adjust all that to accommodate presenter schedules.

Please contact the Admin at (that’s a valid email) if you’d like to volunteer to present a session in the future! We’ll only be able to keep these going as long as we have presenters, so don’t be shy!