BETA PowerShell Lab Guide for Classes


I've been working on a new lab guide for my classes, and thought I'd share an early version. Note that this may become unavailable at any point; the final version will go on, as the lab guide corresponds largely with Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches and Learn PowerShell Toolmaking in a Month of Lunches, as well as with several of the free ebooks here on
Also note that there is no slide deck. I hate slides and don't use them in class, so I haven't produced any slides. I do use a few diagrams in class (I load them into an iPad app called AirSketch, which "broadcasts" to my computer's web browser, allowing me to show those images on the screen, and to whiteboard on them as needed), and those diagrams are replicated in the lab guide for students' convenience.
This new guide is designed to be more standalone than the ones I've used in the past. Each lab includes background and syntax reminders, designed so that students don't have to take notes while the instructor is demonstrating things. That way, everyone can focus on the demos. I basically review each lab myself before I start a unit, and then just teach and demo what's covered in the lab. Students then get the lab itself as a reminder, and exercises to cement what they're learning. In many of my classes, this guide is the only thing students have in front of them, and it works well with my teaching style.
At 119 pages, it's a pretty substantial guide - and I have about nine more units to write, plus an additional four I plan to develop in the future.
You can download the guide in PDF form. Again, this link may go dead at some point when I'm done with the guide, and officially post it on Right now, I'm very interested in what you think. It's designed to present very concise summaries of what I teach, not completely replace me, but in some places it's still pretty extensive.

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  1. Wow!
    Many thanks, that you share thist with us!
    Will look for the finished Document.

  2. Wow awesome work Don! Thanks for sharing

  3. Many thanks for sharing! Carry on that great project. How “final” is the Lab-DVD?

  4. Hi there, by any chance, is there an updated lab guide for this?