Building Scalable Configurations With DSC

My Building Scalable Configurations with DSC talk from the PowerShell Summit is now online.


About Steven Murawski

Steven is a Cloud Ops Advocate at Microsoft. Steven is an active member of the Chef and WinOps communities and a maintainer for several open source projects, including Chef, Habitat, and Test-Kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Building Scalable Configurations With DSC

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  2. Ryan Young

    For the Sysadmins out there who are trying to grasp this whole thing, watch this video! But also, read this entire post and how it guides you to one of Steven’s own VERY handy dsc-resource maker.

    I don’t have a big command line/scripting background and was very much looking for my way around things to script kiddie things. It took me a long time to find this information and it turns out to be a HUGE part of the puzzle. For the script-kiddie more administrative sysadmin who wants to get their hands dirty in the cool, this is where you need to focus!

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