My TechEd 2014 “Patterns and Practices” Example Scripts

I’ll be using these examples in my TechEd 2014 session on PowerShell patterns and practices. They won’t make much sense, perhaps, until you see the session (live, or in the recordings – and I believe this session is one of the “Taste of TechEd” ones that will be live-streamed), but here are the scripts.


About Don Jones

Don Jones is a Windows PowerShell MVP, author of several Windows PowerShell books (and other IT books), Co-founder and President/CEO of, PowerShell columnist for Microsoft TechNet Magazine, PowerShell educator, and designer/author of several Windows PowerShell courses (including Microsoft's). Power to the shell!

One thought on “My TechEd 2014 “Patterns and Practices” Example Scripts

  1. John Gatto

    This was an awesome session, Don. Pretty much the highlight of TechEd for me. I’m currently in my hotel room in Houston, thinking of all the cool things I can do with DSC. Thanks for the inspiration!

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