PhillyPoSH 05/01/2014 meeting summary and presentation materials

  • Boe Prox gave a presentation entitled “Managing WSUS with Windows PowerShell”. During his talked Boe went over the various ways you can orchestrate WSUS using PowerShell. A copy of his presentation materials are available here.
  • We then had a group discussion around:
      • Lido Paglia and John Mello discussed their experiences and what they learned at the 2014 PowerShell Summit,,
      • The differences between how Active Directory Users and Computers displays groups when compared to Get-Aduser in regards to primary group membership. In PowerShell the primary group is only returned in the PrimaryGroup property and all other groups are returned in the MemberOf property, while ADUC will show every group the user is a member of.
  • A recording of this meeting has been posted to our YouTube channel

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