TechEd N.A. 2014 Session Recordings

There's some great PowerShell content now online for your viewing pleasure.
Jeffrey Snover and I had a blast doing "Windows PowerShell Unplugged," and I reviewed some best PowerShell practices (and hopefully provided a little inspiration for your career) in "Windows PowerShell Best Patterns and Practices: Time to Get Serious." And the #2 overall session of TechEd? "DSC: A Practical Overview," including a surprise demo (and announcement) from Snover showing DSC running on Linux.

2 Responses to " TechEd N.A. 2014 Session Recordings "

  1. ngetchell says:

    The link for “Windows PowerShell Best Practices and Patterns: Time to Get Serious” should be this It currently just points to the DSC Overview.