Public Beta for PowerShell “Toolmaker” VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Exam

We are preparing to open VERIFIED EFFECTIVE “certification” exams to the public for the first time, and are looking for 1-2 beta testers. If you think you might be interested, start by reading the Program Guide for the “Windows PowerShell Toolmaker” program:

Toolmaker Program Guide

The Program Guide explains how the program works, and what the exam entails. You take the exam online using your own computer.

If you think you might be interested, contact “Exams” at via e-mail. Note that you will be required to pay the full program fee of $250 via PayPal; that payment process is part of what’s being tested. Once you pay, we would expect you to begin the exam and complete your exam assignment within two weeks.

Because this is a beta test, we could decide to allow you additional time to complete your exam assignment, based solely on our observations of the behavior and performance of the system. We might also allow a retake of a different assignment scenario should that prove desirable to us from a systems and testing perspective. In the end, if you pass, you will receive a digital certificate; if you fail, you will not receive a certificate, nor will you receive any feedback on your performance or submission.

This offer is open to anyone, globally, but will be limited to the first 1-2 people who respond.

The VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam is already open to PowerShell Summit North America 2014 alumni who registered before Feb 1, 2014. Use your Summit confirmation code as an exam voucher code, and contact “Exams” at (via email) if you encounter any problems in using your voucher code or taking your exam.