VERIFIED EFFECTIVE #PowerShell Exam Now Open to Everyone

Our VERIFIED EFFECTIVE Windows PowerShell Toolmaker exam is now open to everyone. The cost is $250, as the exam includes both automated grading and a human review element. Passed exams are considered valid for 2 years, and include an online confirmation that employers can use to check your status.

Visit to begin. Log in using one of the social network buttons provided, and then select the option to Purchase Exam Credits. You’ll walk through a couple of screens that explain how it works, provide you with an exam voucher code, and then walk you through the payment process. Your voucher code is activated once you pay – kind of like a gift card at a retail store. This is done so that you can give the voucher to someone else (e.g., if someone is paying for your exam).

Once you have an activated voucher code, you can redeem it anytime within one year. Redeeming it lets you review your selected program’s guide and prepare for your exam. Then, you can begin the exam anytime you want. The Toolmaker exam allows 6 hours to complete your exam assignment.

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “VERIFIED EFFECTIVE #PowerShell Exam Now Open to Everyone

  1. Matthieu Buisson

    That’s great news !

    When purchasing the exam credits, do we get a payment receipt ?

    I’m wondering about that because my employer may reimburse the fee, but I would need to provide a receipt.


  2. John OHarra

    I successfully completed the Verified Effective exam in March 2013, but my ID shows that it is invalid on the VerifiedEffective website. Can I get it restored?


    1. Don Jones

      John, the original handful of folks aren’t handled through that site. If you need a replacement certificate, you can contact me through, as ConTech owned the original program, not Sorry for the confusion.

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