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Would you buy a PowerScripting Podcast T-Shirt?

We've long thought about offering a PowerScripting Podcast t-shirt for sale. It's time that we did something about that! But because this is a hobby, not a business, we really can't afford to purchase bulk inventory and all that. Luckily, there are plenty of web-based options these days. If we went the standard cafepress type route, where they handle manufacturing and fulfillment, and you buy one shirt at time, then it will be expensive. $25 plus shipping, that sort of thing. HOWEVER, if we buy in bulk and do the fulfillment ourselves, that can be cut way down--less than half, actually. But that requires a capital investment up front of $750-1000.

Our question(s) to you, and a call for feedback is: if we offered shirts for $12-15 each, would you buy one (or more)? This is just to gauge the relative level of interest. If there's enough feedback, then we will start a crowdfunding campaign where you put in a payment method, but it won't be charged unless we get the required number of orders to actually get the bulk pricing we need for the whole thing to make sense. Almost no risk for anyone, yay Internet!

Do please leave comments here on the blog, or reply to @powerscripting, or comment on our facebook page and let us know!'s a mockup! Design is by no means final, but we sure love Don's excellent logo work!

So to wrap up--the questions, which now number onetwothree, are:

  • Interested? Would you buy a shirt at $12-15? (If you'd buy more than a few, how many?)
  • PowerShell logo required? Do you really want the PowerShell logo on the shirt? We do have permission to use the logo, just wondering if and how to make space for it on the front or back (or the sleeve). This will have some impact to the shirt cost, but not a lot.
  • White ok? Would you buy white, or is another color a big deal? We would need to do a small amount of work to make the logo work well with other colors, but it works great as-is on white.

PowerScripting Podcast t-shirt mockup


-your friendly podcast hosts

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  1. I'd buy one, assuming you have them available in "ridiculously huge." 😉 Looks great as-is (color, logo, no problem.)

  2. I'll buy one but I'd prefer it be sleeveless 🙂

  3. I could buy one but not white. Black would be ok though

  4. I'd buy multiple one in white and one in a darker color if you offered it. Maybe do it on TeeSpring?

  5. I'd buy one for sure, but only if it was white or gray.

  6. Hal, definitely check into TeeSpring. You can setup a Campaign that as long as "xxx people sign up" the shirt can be purchased and made. Patch and Switch did it with 40 people at $15 a shirt. I don't believe there was anything up front required.

  7. ...and yes, absolutely, Positively I would 🙂

  8. Yes I would not only buy it I would wear it!

  9. I'd buy one, looks good to me 🙂

  10. I would also be willing to buy one(, or more supposing the clothe's color would be any other than white) 🙂

  11. I'd buy a couple, one for me and a few to give away to the User Group!

  12. I would buy one.

  13. I'd buy several - one to keep and several to give away. white or black color shirt works great.

  14. Would definetly buy 3 if we figure out shipping to EMEA/GER

  15. Will be happy to order 5 as I would like to give it out during the next PowerShell event organized by Singapore PowerShell User Group! 🙂

  16. I would buy one, but i think Black or Grey would look better 🙂

  17. Sure! I'd wear one. Looks fine on white, but I'd prefer grey/black, too.

  18. will buy one.... in black:)

  19. +2 in black 🙂

  20. I'm absolutely interested and absolutely with the Posh logo on it. White ok.
    Just make shipping to Europe possible, I'll pay the fee, no problem!

  21. Yeah, if you can ship to India..

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