Help wanted--we need your show ideas!

As always, we are looking for ideas for interesting things to talk about on the show. If you have anything PowerShell-related that you want to know more about, then now's your chance! Send us your ideas, and we will either find *the* expert on that topic, or Jonathan and Hal will take it on themselves! The point here is that we do the show for you guys and gals, and we want to hear from you. So, please use the twitters, the facebooks, the blog comments, or just plain email and help to shape the future of the podcast.

Some shows we have in the hopper include:

  • SQL Saturday, PASS, and why SQL admins need PowerShell
  • How to work with .net async from PowerShell
  • What's new with Azure & PowerShell

Anything beyond that is all you!podcast-logo

3 thoughts on “Help wanted--we need your show ideas!

  1. Adnan Rashid

    Discussion on XAML and Creating GUI's? More about using C# with Powershell and becoming more of a developer? Citrix and Powershell - Carl Webster would be a good person to interview i think.

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