Registration for August Omaha PowerShell User Group Meeting is Live!

In the second ever meeting of the Omaha PowerShell User Group we will have PowerShell MVP Bartek Bielawski talking about OMI: PowerShell Everywhere:

  • CIM cmdlets and CDXML commands are advertised as technology that will enable PowerShell users to manage anything in datacenter. It wouldn’t be possible though without something that we can talk to on the remote end, and that’s were OMI kicks in. In this presentation I will show you how you can manage processes on Linux using OMI and CIM, and how easy it is to create CDXML based commands on top of it.

This meeting (and all future meetings) are for anyone who uses or is interested in PowerShell.

This meeting is not limited to people who reside in Omaha.  If you are in the area and want to come, you are more than welcome!

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