Episode 284 – PowerScripting Podcast – Jason Helmick interviews Jon and Hal



In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast Jason Helmick interviews Jon and Hal.


Guests - Hal Rottenberg & Jonathan Walz


  • http://PowerShell.org/podcast

Chatroom Highlights:

<JonWalz> https://powershell.org/2007/03/15/episode-zero/
<alevyinroc> rcookiemonster did you see this angle of the funeral procession yesterday? https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-prtlr12ejQQ/VBGnBXppovI/AAAAAAAAJfE/NGv_-cFX6P0/w799-h599-no/2014091095091713.jpg
<halr9000> http://joby.com/gorillapod
<PowerAnon> ## What do you think the most important release of PowerShell to date is?  (1-5 + vNext)
<JHofferle> ## Who have been your top 3 favorite guests? Maybe favorite episodes?
<JHofferle> ## Who hasn't been a guest that you'd really like to have on the podcast?
<PowerAnon> ## JonWalz - Was your employment change at all related to the recent issues at Home Depot?
<JHofferle> ## What audio equipment and software is used to record and produce the podcast?
<JHofferle> ## Will there be a live podcast from the 2015 PowerShell Summit?
<Stuwee> ## Second JHofferle's question.
<JHofferle> ## What PowerShell feature has been the biggest flop / least used ?
<alevyinroc> ## What is halr9000 fiddling with?
<JHofferle> ## What products (MS or 3rd Party) have done the best/worst job supporting PowerShell.
<JHofferle> ## Do you write code in other languages besides PowerShell? How do they compare?

The Question - Superhero

  • Hal - StarLord
  • Jon - Thor

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