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On Monday night (Amsterdam time, September 29th), we'll be holding the first DSC Hackathon at PowerShell Summit Europe 2014. Attached are the scenarios we'll be asking participants to select from. We'll ask everyone to work in small groups, pick one scenario, and try to produce a custom DSC resource that solves the problem.
Many of these are from Microsoft's own internal "wish list" of resources that they don't yet have anyone assigned to.
You're welcome to participate, even if you're not present at the Summit. You will need to operate in Amsterdam time; we're only accepting submissions during that time (from about 6pm local time). If you'd like to participate, you'll need a Twitter account to begin with. When the Hackathon starts, drop a tweet that includes the hash tag #DSCHackathon, as well as the scenario you'd like to work on. We'll respond and connect you with a group that's working on that scenario. From there, the group will let you know how they'd like to communicate - possibly a Skype chat window, possibly an IRC chat, it'll be up to them.
In the event that Internet connectivity sucks, we'll simply do our best, and may direct remote users to work on their own. But, if you monitor the #DSCHackathon tag, you may be able to find other remote users to team up with.
There are no prizes - we're doing this for the good of the community. However, every team who hands in a working resource will get public recognition in the PowerShell team blog, on, and wherever else we can manage to mention you :).
As a reminder, you should plan to have Windows PowerShell v4 or later on your laptop in order to participate. We don't anticipate going longer than 2-3 hours, and if you're on-site plan to use battery power for the entire period. Ideally, you'll want a server VM or two so that you can test the scenarios... which are attached herewith. And it's fine to get an early start on these, if you like.
Download: DSC Hackathon Scenarios

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