PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 – – Thank you

I would like to express a huge thank you to the speakers and attendees at our recent Summit.

The speakers delivered an excellent set of sessions that dived into PowerShell features new and old.

The attendees asked lots of questions, both during and after sessions, which is what we want. This is a Summit not a conference where a speaker rushes in, delivers a talk and rushes out. We wanted a healthy level of discussion and that’s what we got.

The feed back we’ve had has been very positive from both the attendees and speakers. We managed to record practically all of the sessions and those videos as well as the slides and code will be available for download soon.

This year’s event in Amsterdam has laid a very solid foundation for the future of the European Summit and our plans are to run a European Summit in 2015. Exact location and dates haven’t been decided yet but we will communicate them as soon as we know.

6 thoughts on “PowerShell Summit Europe 2014 – – Thank you

  1. Chris Warwick

    Many thanks to Don, Richard, Chris and all the great speakers and attendees. A great event. Well done folks! It was a real pleasure to meet so many people – I can now put faces to the names on social media:-) All this AND a newly acquired copy of ISESteroids V2 – neat!

    Chris Warwick

  2. Stein Petersen

    This was a great summit. Big thanks to all organizers and speakers and attendees. It was really nice to meet all the great people in the PowerShell community. Really interesting topics and discussions going on. Looking forward to next year.

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