A Crowdsourced PowerShell Proficiency Exam


I wanted to call your attention to Smarterer, a company recently acquired by my employer, Pluralsight. Smarterer's schtick (apart from vexing my auto-correct) is that the host crowdsourced technology assessments. In other words, the community decides what questions to ask someone in the test.
The magic is that their back-end engine, over time, figures out which questions are awesome and which ones suck, and adjusts the assessment accordingly. So as more people (especially qualified ones) take the test, the better it gets at identifying skilled people. It gives it a sort of built-in immunity against bad community-contributed questions, because those eventually filter out of the assessment that's delivered to people. It's pretty engaging, actually. I've had some fun taking some web development-oriented assessments, and surprised myself in a few places.
They've got a PowerShell assessment. Why not jump in, take it, and then add some questions of your own? Next time you need to interview someone for PowerShell chops, send 'em to Smarterer.

3 Responses to " A Crowdsourced PowerShell Proficiency Exam "

  1. Charles Downing says:

    HAHA! It calls me an expert now… Not sure how accurate it is! 🙂
    Cool little setup, though. Very simple to use.

  2. It’s a pretty cool setup. I’m going to have to start thinking up some good questions to author for this thing!

  3. Hey,
    Tried it. i would say need to increase rating. as i am proficient according to the score but i know i am not and it is not because i am humble :).
    also added comment on one of the questions as it has different answers for different PS versions.
    overall looks great!