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Episode 291 - PowerScripting Podcast - Garrett Serack from Microsoft on OneGet


In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Garrett Serack from Microsoft abount OneGet



From the Chat room

<Doug> ## When will PowerShell be open sourced?

<gpduck> ## is powershellget open source (or going to be if not?)

<gpduck> ## will powershellget eventually support a system-wide list of sources (so enterprise defaults can be provided globally)?

<sepeck> ## will oneget be integrated or leveraged through SCCM or other System Center tools?

<Dave_Wyatt> ## Are there any OSS licensing concerns in OneGet?  (eg, is it kosher to have a GPL licensed provider loaded with the Apache licensed OneGet core?)

<gpduck> ## powershellget appears to only save the list of package sources in a per-user profile directory

<Sandrock> ## does oneget leverage powershell remoting in order to manage installs on remote systems?

<Dave_Wyatt> ## Are there any plans to make these configurations policy-friendly?  When they're in XML files, it's awkward to enforce a list of trusted sources in an enterprise.

<sepeck> Guest74842: we're trying to revive JPavlecks old ##SCOM channel here on freenode.  I am going back to SCOM after a two year brak.

<halr9000> screencap for the evening

<halr9000> links:






<halr9000> Hunh.

<halr9000> .NET Core Framework








Superhero: precog

[22:33:48] <Dave_Wyatt> superhero:  Feather Cowboy.  Obviously.

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