eBook Cover Contest


Fancy yourself a graphics person? Just like to doodle?
We're holding a contest to create new covers for our various ebooks. Winners will receive absolutely nothing, other than a cover credit within the text (hey, we'll also give you a full set of the ebooks for free, what the heck).

  • Covers must include the book title, and should include the PowerShell.org logo. The logo is below.
  • Don't include author names in the artwork. Authors are credit on the book's "About" page.
  • Images must be 8.5" wide by 11" high, preferably at 300dpi, in PNG or JPG format (see these specifications if you need that sizing in pixels).
  • Don't include art, photos, or any other elements that you yanked off the Internet, including Microsoft imagery, unless you can provide us with written permission from the copyright holder to use it.

You can submit a series for all the books, or just covers for the book or books you like best.
Be serious. Have fun. Whatever! Send submissions via e-mail to Admin, right here at PowerShell.org. We'll let you submit until the end of January 2015, and we'll pick the best selections we have at the time.

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