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Episode 296 - PowerScripting Podcast - Joe Levy from Microsoft on Azure Automation


In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to Joe Levy from Microsoft about Azure Automation



Chatroom Highlights

<Vern_Anderson> ## Does Azure automation just expose SMA or is it it's own thing

<aleksandar_> ## do users find powershell workflows complex and limiting?

<aleksandar_> ## do people prefer to use portal UI to interact with runbooks or to work in ISE and automate everything?

<aleksandar_> ## what are the main pain points for authoring runbooks?

<aleksandar_> ## what are the main scenarios you can tackle with SMA and AA?

<aleksandar_> ## are there any plans to enable pure PowerShell scripts and not just workflows?

<aleksandar_> ## can we run DSC in SMA and AA? are there any differences compared to running DSC from PowerShell hosts?

<aleksandar_> ## can he talk a little bit about the actual SMA/AA architecture? (or I missed that)

<migreene> ## he had a great demo at TechEd Europe "Get-ThisPartyStarted" where he turned on a disco ball from Azure

<aleksandar_> ## can we expect some graphical authoring UI in Azure Automation like we have in Orchestrator?

<migreene> ## cross plat (

<aleksandar_> ## can we perform all actions available in portal just by using cmdlets in ISE?

<migreene> ## the disco ball demo is worth asking about if you have time.  Joe is a genius...

<Vern_Anderson> ## What language is he primarily coding in?

<aleksandar_> ## joe, remind me to give you a converter 🙂

<sp> <p‌scookiemonster> for those of you wondering what the sp handle deal is -




<migreene> For the show notes - great session from TEE -

<migreene> Joe's SMA authoring plugin for ISE -





<migreene> ## cross plat (





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  1. In this show, I heard a comment that a distributable module (Azure?) should not have been packaged as an MSI. I am currently working on an open-source script module, and would like to follow best practices for installation. Currently I have an MSI installer, a NuGet package which contains the MSI, and a Chocolatey package which installs using the MSI from the NuGet. What are best practices? Can anyone name an open-source module which follows good practices I can template from? thanks

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