Up Next: Vaughn & Cody from Pure Storage

As you guys know, we love to have vendors on the show who show strong PowerShell support in their products. Pure Storage is yet another example, so we are having them on to talk about their all flash storage array, and how it can be managed using their open source PowerShell toolkit!

Joining us on Thursday, March 26th will be two fine gentlemen: Vaughn Stewart and Cody Hosterman. Vaughn (@vstewed) is the chief evangelist at Pure, and Cody (@codyhosterman) is a solution architect there, specializing in VMware integration.

You can learn more about what Pure Storage is doing with PowerShell by following the PowerShell category on their blog.

Be sure to join us live if you can, we record at 9:30 PM EDT and stream at live.powerscripting.net

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    1. Don Jones

      Making a podcast episode was in fact the point of it; it usually goes live a week or so after the recording is made. It should be live by now.

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