A Quick PowerShell Summit Europe Update (spread the word!)

PowerShell Summit

First: Because e-mail these days is actually unreliable, what with spam filters and all, please know that we're relying on you to keep yourself informed on Summit updates. Following the Summit category on PowerShell.org, and watching the @PSHSummit Twitter account, are the reliable means of doing so.
First: Summit Europe is happening. There was some confusion because a draft blog post from a month ago got resurrected somehow, but the Summit is on.
Second: We're almost sold out. I think we literally have 2 or 3 seats left. There was a rush over this past weekend.
Third: We're exploring other venues in Stockholm and Kista, which would afford us more room. I expect to have this pinned down no later than mid-May. The dates will not change, and the Kista area will probably not change. But pay attention so you're not going to the wrong building. Watching the Summit category and @PSHSummit Twitter page is vital, especially closer-in.
Fourth: Hotel inventory in central Stockholm is dicey because there's some giant conference at the waterfront conference center. There are rooms available just outside the central area, as well as in Kista. So long as you're close to a tram line or Metro stop, you're good to go - the Metro will be able to get you to whatever venue we select (we're ensuring that).
Fifth: That is all. Have a good week :).

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