PowerShell.org Is Now On Imgur!


Hey there everyone!  I’m pleased to announce that PowerShell.org has a new feed on Imgur!
During the PowerShell Summit, I began the hunt for a social photo sharing site that had a set of features that would meet the needs of PowerShell.org.  Our list of criteria was rigorous.  We required a site that was capable of providing embed code for posts.  We needed a site that would be easy to upload images and add them to albums for publishing.  It needed to be social media friendly.  And it needed to be free.
Mainly it needed to be free.
So I present to you, our new PowerShell.org Imgur feed!  If you want quick access to it and don’t feel like adding it to your favorites, you can just hit the Imgur icon on our nifty new social media bar on the right!
We shall be endeavouring to cover more PowerShell related events in our feeds and posts in the future.  I’m still working on a list of standards for photo submissions, but in the meantime, if you happen to be at a PowerShell event and have some photos that you’d like us to share on the Imgur feed, please feel free to contact me at webmaster at powershell dot org and we’ll take a look at them!

PowerShell Summit NA 2015

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