The Monad Manifesto Annotation Project

Richard’s log, stardate 2457164.5

Today's destination is the Monad Manifesto Annotation Project.

The idea behind this project is to keep the manifesto intact somewhere on the internet, and to provide the possibility to the community to annotate on the several topics in the manifesto. The idea for this came from Pluralsight author Tim Warner, with the initial annotations being made by Don Jones. Jeffrey Snover gave his permission for this project, but with a big warning: the content only can be shared on the original source page on penflip, and cannot be hosted anywhere else.

I am already in the progress to put all the chapters from the Manifesto in penflip, and I'm putting the right formatting on it. The idea is to finish this the coming days. After that the actual annotation can be started.

For more information check the project page on penflip:

Till the next time, live long and prosper.

2 Responses to " The Monad Manifesto Annotation Project "

  1. Richard, thank you so much for your hard work on and dedication to this project. You’re the best! -Tim

  2. rob says:

    annotation 47 says “It probably didn’t hurt that Snover came from
    Digital Computer, a company with more than a passing familiarity with Unix variants and similar operating systems.”
    “Digital Computer” is wrong. The company was called “Digital Equipment Corporation”, sometimes abbreviated to DEC or “Digital”, but never “Digital Computer”.