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Richard’s Log, Stardate 2457176.5
Our destination for today is the love story between PowerShell and SSH.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that they will integrate SSH into PowerShell. The PowerShell team at Microsoft already tried 2 times before, to get SSH into PowerShell. Now, under the wings of new management, and I think Satya Nadella has a big influence in this, they finally have a go.

With SSH you can have secure, encrypted (based on strong algorithms) connections to your Windows Servers, using public/private RSA key authentication. This means that you natively can manage Linux from Windows, and vice versa, without installing any additional tools.

The full story can be read here: Looking Forward Microsoft Support SSH

A bit of time ago there was a discussion on the PowerShell.org forum, about having PSRemoting enabled by default. There were people for and against it. I'm not sure what I would like; to have something enabled by default so I can manage it immediately, or having it disabled and thus more pre-work to start managing my systems (but have it more secure).

Now that Microsoft will add support for SSH, I suspect that maybe PSRemoting still will be enabled by default (they have to, otherwise you can't configure the system), but that SSH will be your first entry point to the system, instead of the HTTP listener.

Adding SSH support in PowerShell is a great idea, and I hope Microsoft will implement it in a way that makes Server more secure.

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