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Episode 301 - PowerScripting Podcast - MVP Jeff Wouters


In This Episode

Tonight on the PowerScripting Podcast, we talk to PowerShell MVP Jeff Wouters


Chatroom Highlights

* Topic is:

<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <halr9000>


<sifb> (this might be the PowerShell Unplugged session )

<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <halr9000> check out this list, it’s insane

<migreene> You can also check the source -

<sp> <jaykul>

<sp> <jaykul> just for contrast

<sp> <jaykul> Even better if you color code

<sp> <jaykul> Those guys actually video taped setting one of those up

<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <halr9000>


<sp> <halr9000>

<sp> <pscookiemonster>

<sp> <halr9000>

<migreene> on that topic -

<migreene> Jeep photo -

<sp> <halr9000> halr9000 uploaded a file: 999292_10201788232323440_2025935004_n.jpg

<sp> <jaykul> so we have

<sp> <halr9000> halr9000 uploaded a file: 1454953_10152040444336278_1938972911_n.jpg

<sp> <jaykul> you have to get an invite to teams that already exist, that's why we have so you can get an instant invite


  • First computer: Intel 486
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