Curious about PowerShell Cruise? Here's how to learn more.


I'm stupid-excited about PowerShell Cruise. Did you know you can register now for just $500, which is fully refundable up to a point? And that doing so NOW gets you awesome amenities like free Internet minutes or liquor packages? Did you know I'm speaking? Did you... 

Wait. You probably have a ton of questions, especially if you've never cruised. So on Wednesday July 29, at 4pm Pacific, get your answers. Go to to register for a webinar. I'll host, and I'll be joined by the event organizers, as well as the travel agency that's handling the bookings. There's literally no PowerShell Cruise question these brave souls can't answer.

Did you know the conference portion of the cruise - the technical conten - will be FREE? Did you know two people can sail for under $1900, inclusive of meals, snacks, and most onboard activities? NO, you did not know, and that's why you need to at least show up and get the facts. We will record the whole thing, too.

I want to emphasize that this isn't a event - we are just being as hugely supportive as possible to the bold individuals who are trying to do this thing for their community, at no profit for themselves, and with (probably) more than a few evil eyes from their spouses. So show your love and join the webinar!!!

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