Curious About the #PoshCruise? Ask Questions Here.


Jeffrey Langdon, Doug Finke, and untold others are putting together PoshCruise, a PowerShell Cruise Conference. I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it, because it (A) stands to be a lot of run, and (B) offers some special pricing through this month.

The "conference" itself is free - you just have to pay for your cruise. There'll be presentations (I'm guessing mainly on the "at sea" days of the 7-day trip, although personally I've rented a beach cabana on Great Stirrup Cay and will hold forth on technical topics over tropical cocktails). 

Cruises can be a pretty good deal in terms of value. NCL, the cruise line, is really clear about what's included and what's extra. And, unlike many lines, NCL's "Freestyle Cruising" means you're not locked into a schedule for things like meals - you just eat when you want, where you want, in a number of different venues. I plan to inject PowerShell into every possible minute of the cruise - PowerShell in the pool, DSC in the whiskey bar, Toolmaking in the buffet, you name it.

If you've not cruised before, and are curious about how different stuff works, pop a question into the comments here. I've cruised a ton, so I'll do my best to answer - and if something comes up about the PowerShell aspect of the cruise, I'll grab one of the guys to drop an answer here.

At a per-person price as low as $950 (based on double occupancy), it's amongst the cheapest conferences you'll find. You'll need to factor in airfare to NYC, about $110 in shipboard service charges, but apart from that you don't have to spend any more. That covers your food, beverages like tea and water, and most shipboard activities. Packages can lower the price of alcoholic or soft drinks (especially if you book early, when those packages are either included in the price or are heavily discounted), even.

So... whatcha wanna know about a PoshCruise?

4 Responses to " Curious About the #PoshCruise? Ask Questions Here. "

  1. How do I convince my higher-ups that this is a real training experience with real educational value (so they will pay for it) and not just an excuse to drink on boat? 🙂

    • Don Jones says:

      I think that’s something the guys running need to address – and I’m sure they will. Having the education program spelled out is key; right now, I’m not sure they’ve nailed down all the speakers and sessions, yet. But you’re right – that’s a pretty important bit.
      But to also give fair time to the other perspective – is this something your boss should pay for? Or is this something you’d pay for on your own because it’s (A) good for your career (vs your job) and (B) a mini-vacation? Personally, I’m paying my own way. Didn’t even ask the boss.

    • Totally a valid point. The cost for this doesn’t fit into this year’s personal budget so I am looking for other ways to get to go.

  2. Tim Curwick says:

    Am I correct in believing that speakers will need to pay for their own cruises? That this would be a working vacation for them rather than a posh PoSh professional engagement?