Tonight on the podcast: Rob ‘barkz’ Barker on the Pure Storage PowerShell Toolkit!

pure storageYou guys may recall that on episode 298, we had Vaughn and Cody on from Pure Storage. The main thrust of that episode was going to be their PowerShell toolkit, however due to a last minute scheduling conflict, their PowerShell guy couldn’t make it, so we just covered the storage tech. Tonight, we are finishing up that story and are happy to welcome Rob ‘barkz’ Barker to the show!

Rob (@purepowershell) is a Microsoft Solutions Architect at Pure, and he was the author of their first PowerShell toolkit a year ago. Tonight he’ll be talking about the history of automation for storage, and will be introducing us to the new Pure Storage PowerShell SDK! Rob blogs for Pure and also at

As always, you can join us for the live show at at 9:30 PM EDT. And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the PowerShell Slack team (thanks to @jaykul)! You can find us there in the #live-podcast room, which is also mirrored to #powerscriptingpodcast on the Freenode IRC network.