PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 – Last-Minute Attendee Details

The Summit is almost upon us!

As a quick note, please plan to monitor the @PSHDonsBoss and @concentratedDon Twitter feeds leading up to the Summit. That’ll be the best way to get any last-minute changes or tips. Because our organizers are operating in a foreign land, their Twitter accounts are about the most sure-fire way we have to post breaking news.

But, for now, here’s what you need to know:

  • Our unofficial Sunday meet-up has become more official! Thanks to a generous grant from Enfo, , and the organizational skills of Niklas Goude, we’ll be meeting from 5pm to 7pm. We will also have name badges for pick-up, saving you some time Monday morning. We’ll be at Enfo’s office at Upplandsgatan 7 in downtown Stockholm, there’ll be beverages and snacks, and we hope to see you.
  • Plan to be in one of our two session rooms by 8:30am on Monday. Jason Helmick and Don Jones will have some last-minute announcements for you. Also, please note that neither session room can accommodate all of us at once – plan to arrive at your selected sessions early to ensure a seat. We apologize if the room fills for a session you really wanted to attend, but we must observe the fire code capacities of the rooms, and may not be able to permit standing room. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
  • We will serve a light continental breakfast each morning from 8am, and lunch at noon. Expect coffee throughout the day. 
  • Monday evening, the first round is on us at Icebaran exciting experience just a few blocks from the hotel.
  • Tuesday evening, we’ll head over to Gamla Stan for an evening out. We’ll pass out directions and bar suggestions, and we recommend having a metro pass for the short trip.
  • Wednesday afternoon’s VERIFIED EFFECTIVE exam is sold out. Candidates DO NOT need to bring a computer – we’ll provide everything. Candidates MUST have their EventBrite ticket (printed, EventBrite app, or email confirmation on your phone) to enter. Enter at least 5 minutes BEFORE the scheduled start time. From 5m to start time, we’ll offer remaining available space to standby candidates. 
  • Please leave your backpack and other bulky belongings in your hotel room, at least until we suss out the situation and see how much extra room exists. We want everyone to be comfortable. We will NOT have power in the room, and you are NOT permitted to drape power cords across any walkways, so consider leaving laptops in your hotel room. Also, we will not be locking the session rooms during lunch, so any electronics will have to be lugged down to lunch and back – best not to bring them unless they’re light.
  • Please help us remind speakers to PRESS THE BUTTON! at the start and end of their session, so we can capture the goodness. Session recordings may take a few weeks to get uploaded, but we’ll do our best.
  • Jeffrey Snover will be delivering his “State of the Shell” address, but will have to leave early due to unexpected work commitments. Another Microsoft product team member will take over Jeffrey’s later session. We appreciate your understanding.
  • June Blender of SAPIEN Technologies will be presenting a short help-writing workshop outside the main schedule. We’ll announce details on Monday at 8:30am in both session rooms.
  • As always, we want you to ASK QUESTIONS and MAKE COMMENTS during presentations. Some rules:
    • Speak up! so the room mic can capture your voice for posterity.
    • Ask speakers to repeat or summarize questions.
    • Be courteous and professional.
    • If you want to follow-up with the speaker, please allow them to disconnect their laptop, and then move outside the session room so the next session may begin.

Save travels and we’ll see in you Stockholm very soon!