Two More TechSession Webinars

Discovering TeamCity and

Presentation by Dave Wyatt

Introduction to using TeamCity for continuous integration, with particular focus on how we’ve set up for testing of PowerShell modules:

  • Basics of TeamCity.  (How to set up a project.  Deeper understanding
    of how our templates and agents work.  How to expand on what’s already
    there once your project is created from the template.)
  • GitHub integration.  (Build status icons automatically shown on GitHub branches and pull requests.)
  • REST API basics.  (Build status icons on arbitrary websites or in files, etc.)
  • A look at how the Pester project uses TeamCity to automatically publish its releases to PowerShellGet, Chocolatey and
  • Whatever else I think of over the next month, and can fit into the webinar!


The Top 10 Considerations When Writing PowerShell Advanced Functions

Presentation by Mike F. Robbins

There are lots of things to consider when writing an advanced
function in PowerShell depending on what the function will be designed
to accomplish, what operating system and PowerShell versions it will be
written for, and who will be using it. During this session, PowerShell
MVP Mike F Robbins will walk you through the top 10 items that he takes
into consideration along with his thought process when creating advanced
functions in PowerShell. We’ll briefly discuss comment based help,
parameters, parameter validation, pipeline input, and error handling.
This will NOT be a deep dive into any one of these topics as the focus
of this session will be on writing advanced functions to maximize code
reusability by minimizing static values. Prior experience with
PowerShell is recommended.


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