#MSPSUG Virtual Meeting: The Art of #PowerShell Runspaces – September 8th 2015


Join the Mississippi PowerShell User Group virtually on Tuesday, September 8th at 8:30pm Central Time when PowerShell MVP Boe Prox will present “The Art of PowerShell Runspaces”.

PowerShell runspaces are a known but little documented area that can help to provide performance improvements in your scripts. Besides just using this for performance gains, you can use this to provide a snappier approach to building GUIs in PowerShell. This presentation will show you examples of using Runspaces, RunspacePools as well as utilizing shared variables that can be viewed and modified in multiple runspaces during runtime. Also being demoed is a module called PoshRSJob which provides runspace multhreading in a familiar jobs infrastructure.

Visit the Mississippi PowerShell User Group website to learn more about Boe and to find out more details about this month’s meeting.

The Mississippi PowerShell User Group Meetings are held online (via Skype for Business) on the second Tuesday of each month at 8:30pm Central Time and are free to attend. The system requirements to attend these online meetings can be found on the MSPSUG website under the “Attendee Info” section.

Register via EventBrite to receive the URL for this meeting.

Note: It is not necessary to live in Mississippi or join our user group to attend our meetings or present a session for our user group.


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