Speaking at PowerShell Summit 2016: Topic Ideas for Aspiring Speakers

PowerShell Summit

Our call for topics for PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit 2016 is open until November 1st, and I thought I'd share some ideas for the kind of 400-level content we're looking for.

First, to submit abstracts, pre-register as a speaker candidate. Be sure to fill in the brief demographic information presented, and then add any information for the Attendee Directory that you'd like. When you're done with that, select Abstracts from the menu at the tippy-top of the page, and enter your session information. Be sure to include, as the first characters in the abstract, either "[45m]", "[90m]", or "[120m]" as an indication on your desired timeslot - 45, 90, or 120 minutes. Also set your session to "Ready for Review" when you're done.

Now... for some ideas! Feel free to riff on these and twist them in any direction you think people would find useful. Keep in mind that we're after 400+ level content - deep, deep dives.

  • PowerShell Remoting. Tackle something difficult, like multi-hop authentication, certificate authentication, etc.
  • DevOps. Case studies and detailed information into how you've seen DevOps succeed or fail, along with lessons learned.
  • Tooling. Bring deep education on tools that can help enable a DevOps way of life. More than just feature overviews - dig deep into exactly how you improved your organization's operations, and what you learned along the way.
  • Deeper coding. Using .NET, digging into the depths of CIM, creating scripted classes, diving into workflow - there's a huge universe of advanced, core PowerShell topics that attendees would benefit from.
  • Domain-specific topics. Using PowerShell with Azure, O365, System Center, and more - these are all in-demand topics. Keep the coverage deep - beginner content belongs at another event.
  • Hacking the shell. Extending the ISE, writing your own tab completion/expansion routines, and more - dig deep into the shell's guts and show people what can be done.
  • Practical shell. Help attendees build reporting infrastructure, inventorying systems, and other complete solutions using a PowerShell, DIY approach.

As you can see, it's a real greenfield. Speakers will be offered 3 nights' hotel accommodations at the Summit, and anyone presenting for more than 45 minutes will be offered an additional honorarium to further offset travel expenses. Everyone who has been using the shell for a while has something to offer - so step in and offer!

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  2. Mark Walker says:

    I know there a lot of people like Snover, Jones and Helmick who are advocating the use of PowerShell, but it seems like there is a severe lack of education in universities regarding the use of PowerShell. Perhaps it would be a good idea to host a talk about how to advocate the teaching of PowerShell in universities and colleges.