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WOOHA it's been a great week.

I sat down last night my brain all fried and tried to compile a list of things to remember from the past week.

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There is  much focus on "changing the mindset" of the community. Get into the DevOps mindset and become a toolmakers. This is my take-home from the conference. There's no way to summarize all of the conference other than to say: Look forward to the videos on YouTube.

Stuff to read:


  • Iain Brighton's talk "Man vs Testlab". I'm definitely going home and testing his script He created a script that will do everything from downloading .iso's from Microsoft, Configure Hyper-V, create instances and spawns servers for you. To stand up a entire Testlab following the Microsoft Lab guides standard. (DC, Server, Non-domain joined server and a client) You can of cause easily change the setup.
  • GitHub I was amazed by Hemant Mahawar and Krishna C Vutukuri's talk on the way the PowerShell team uses GitHub and how easy it is to contribute to the code today. (Go get a GitHub account today! and start learning if you haven't already, and go here to contribute)
  • PowerShell Gallery There were multiple talks on the Gallery and I personally love this. It's nice to hear that the PowerShell Team feels the same way. (See earlier post)
  • Pester tests Unfortunately I didn't attend any pester specific talks this time. But it's clear from the general theme that pester is a big part of the DevOps' mindset and the way tools are being developed in the future.
  • DSC This is a crucial platform for the future. The ability to use the "Make it so" mindset. To configure and services and prevent drift, this is the documentation of the future. Getting started


There were tons of other things going on. On a personal note after my trip to PSUG.dk a few weeks ago where we had a session on ARM and spend a day creating JSON files by hand by following the schema's on GitHub and had a horrible experience.  Jeff blew my mind when he demoed roughly the same and noted, off cause we just do: ConvertFrom-Json play with the PowerShell object and ConvertTo-Json back to JSON. He had some really nice examples on how not to do JSON templates, and better ways to generate them.

And I got really excited when during Simon's talk on GitHub, I asked for ISE integration and Tobias replied from somewhere behind me.

-Working on that.

Meaning ISESteroids will have that soon. Happy times 😀


When all the above is done, I only need to figure out how to get to the next Summit 🙂



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