Delete Specific E-Mail or E-Mails From All Exchange Mailboxes

Well this is week number two in my quest to post an article once a week and I am back with a common request for Exchange administrators. There are a lot of scenarios that bring up a need to remove an e-mail or e-mails from all mailboxes in your environment. Perhaps there was a disgruntled employee, a virus outbreak, or a reply all to the whole company. We all know that the "Retract" button is best effort (yes I still miss GroupWise for that purpose).

As always we can turn to PowerShell for our scripting needs. The Search-Mailbox command is your best friend for these scenarios. With a simple Get-Mailbox | Search-Mailbox you can take control of all your mailboxes. Be extremely cautious when executing, with great power comes great responsibility. For a full run down on how to accomplish this head on over to I look forward to seeing everyone again next week!

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