Find any E-Mail Address or Proxy Address In Active Directory

I am back this week with some more Exchange and Unified Communications goodness. This is another request I see a lot, someone want's to know where an e-mail address is assigned. This opens up the possibilities of user mailboxes, shared mailboxes, distribution lists, public folders, conference rooms, contacts or resources. I have also seen duplicate e-mail addresses being assigned outside of Exchange causing delivery failures. I take a look at how you can quickly find any e-mail address in your environment along with partial searches of e-mail addresses. The two attributes for e-mail addresses being mail and proxyAddresses.

I cover finding specific types of proxy addresses such as sip: x500: eum: etc. I also touch briefly on creating a simple function that will accept e-mail addresses as an input to return all of the AD objects that contain it. I cover the search through Active Directory commandlets, including LDAP query syntax, as well as the Exchange commandlets. Head on over to for the full article.

One Response to " Find any E-Mail Address or Proxy Address In Active Directory "

  1. fattrel says:

    This is pretty awsome the true might of powershell isn’t easy to see off the bat but it’s been growing on me. Theres a few tools here like spokeo which is also a great intelligence tool for you belt.