The Popular Week of PowerShell Blogging is back! #PSBlogWeek

Back by popular demand is the week-long coordination of blog posts on a single PowerShell topic known as #PSBlogWeek! This week, 5 hand-picked bloggers will be writing informative content around the topic of logging.

The daily schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday (Jason Wasser @wasserja) – Building Readable Text Log Files
Tuesay (Thom Schumacher @driberif) – Slicing and Dicing Text Log Files
Wednesday (Jaap Brasser @jaap_brasser) – PowerShell Logging in the Windows Event Log
Thursday (Adam Platt @platta) – Reading Events from Event Logs
Friday – (Adam Bertram @adbertram) – Building Logs for CMTrace

A big thanks to June Blender (@juneb_get_help) for her help in editing these posts.

If you’d like to download an eBook containing a nicely laid out compilation of all the content provided this week, head over to to snag a copy. Feel free to share it wherever you’d like. Consider it public domain.

If you missed our last #PSBlogWeek, download the eBook to bone up on everything you need to know about PowerShell advanced functions.

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