Accepting Nominations for 2016 PowerShell Heroes

It’s that time of year again: we’re looking for nominations for new PowerShell Heroes! The PowerShell Hero program is our way of giving recognition to people who are contributing to the PowerShell community, but who have not yet received some other similar award, such as Microsoft’s MVP or VMware’s vExpert. This will be the third year for the program; in January of 2015, we recognized Stéphane Van Gulick, Adam Bertram, Micky Balladelli, Mike Laughlin, Nickolaj Andersen, Matt Johnson, Bob McCoy, June Blender, and Craig Duff.

We will be accepting nominations for the 2016 Heroes until January 30th, 2016. After that date, we will go over the nominations, and the honorees will be announced in February.

Who can I nominate? Anyone you want, except current or past MVPs, Microsoft employees, Microsoft Regional Directors, or others who have been formally recognized for their community contributions.

How do I nominate them? Send an email to [email protected]. We need the person’s name or online handle, and some links to their contributions. Also describe in 100-500 words why they’re your PowerShell Hero. Please put “PowerShell Hero” in the subject line of your email.

How many people will be recognized? We don’t have a fixed number.

What will honorees receive? Online recognition; we’ll be publishing an online directory of Heroes.

Must someone re-qualify every year? This isn’t like the MVP program – it’s a recognition with no benefits. So there’s nothing to “qualify” for. In future years, the previous year’s honorees will select the next year’s honorees, so you’re prohibited from being recognized in sequential years.

How can I think of who to nominate? Think about who has helped you with PowerShell problems. Did someone help you solve something through a discussion forum? Did someone’s blog post give you that “aha!” moment? Did someone spend a massive amount of time putting together a PowerShell event that really helped you? Those are the heroes we want to recognize. Again, past and present MVP award recipients are not eligible – they’ve already been recognized.

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