Using Local Functions in a Scriptblock with Existing Code

When you are wanting to run code remotely, it’s common to do this via the use of Invoke-Command (though other options exist, such as through Start-Job for example). The biggest downfall to date i’ve found with remoting is the lack of an option to combine the use of your local functions within a ScriptBlock that has other code in it. As an example, the following is not possible:

function Add ($param1, $param2)
$param1 + $param2

function Multiply($param1,$param2)
$param1 * $param2

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $env:COMPUTERNAME -ScriptBlock {
$addResult = Add $args[0] $args[1]
$multiplyResult = Multiply $args[0] $args[1]
Write-Output "The result of the addition was : $addResult"
Write-Output "The result of the multiplication was : $multiplyResult"
} -ArgumentList 3, 2

However, there is a way to achieve this type of operation, and make as many local functions as you want available to be used and combined with other code in your ScriptBlock. You can find the full article at

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