2016-February Scripting Games Puzzle

Scripting Games

Although we have a couple of puzzles queued up, we'll be taking a brief break for the month of February 2016. So, no puzzle this month!
However, we are in need of puzzles, including sample solutions and explanations. This is a community effort, so if you've never contributed - now's a great time to start! Drop an email to admin@ this domain. Include a ZIP file with your puzzle, solution, and explanation - all in plain-text files, please. You can include screen shots, as needed, as PNG files.
We're also in need of a Games Master, who can collect monthly puzzles, queue them up for publishing, and scan reader submissions for noteworthy entries. Drop an e-mail if you're interested.
Belong to a user group? Why not spend some time in your next meeting coming up with a puzzle or two that your group can submit? Make them easy or tricky, fun or devilish - it's up to you. A user group could also collectively take on the Games Master role, giving you an important activity (reviewing entries and queuing them for publishing) at each monthly group meeting.
Become a contributor, and help keep this highly visible part of the PowerShell community up and running!

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