PowerShellSummit.org Registration Status for 2-Feb-2016 (also, recordings)

PowerShell Summit

OK, here's a quick update of where we're at with registration for PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2016.
We'd originally scheduled 150 seats for the April event, inclusive of speakers. Yesterday (1st Feb) we opened 3-day sales (previously, only 4-day seats had been available), and are now at 126 total attendees. So we've got 24 seats of our original space remaining.
The venue assures us that we can accommodate at least another 25 people, possible as many as 50 more. So we're working with them to make that happen - in the meantime, I strongly recommend you register soon if you plan to attend. It looks like, no matter what, we'll be in a sellout situation again this year.
Now, keep in mind that we've greatly expanded the event this year. We're running three full-day pre-conference workshops (that's what you get for the extra day in the 4-day pass). We're having an informal gathering on Sunday evening (after the pre-cons) at the Courtyard Downtown Bellevue, a bar crawl Monday night, and a reception with the WMF team on Tuesday evening. In addition to two tracks of content, we have a third track which will run some extra-long sessions (although not all day). We're also welcoming the WMF team on Tuesday after lunch for a "State of the Shell" address by two of the main team leaders, followed by "Lightning Demos" from a variety of team members. It's a lot of content.
As always, we'll be recording most of the sessions. Basically, the pre-con sessions won't be recorded, nor will the extra-long "bonus" sessions in the third track (we only have two sets of recording gear). All of what we do record will go on YouTube as usual. However, this year, Pluralsight will be on-hand with camera crews in our two main rooms, and they'll be producing recordings that include screen capture as well as live video of the speakers. Those "better" recordings will go into the Pluralsight library, and everyone attending in person will receive free access to those even if you don't have a subscription. For anyone not attending, you can either access our screen-caps on YouTube for free, or use a Pluralsight subscription to access the nicer videos. This is an experiment with Pluralsight and we appreciate their support!
Oh, and we'll also be offering Verified Effective exams (no computer required!) on Wednesday, to anyone who's interested (no advance registration required).
Anyway, as you can see, it's going to be a busy-busy-busy Summit, and it's looking firmly to be a sellout, even if we're able to secure the extra space at the venue. So register right the heck now if you plan to attend. If you're just now getting around to talking the boss into it - well, honestly, you shoulda started back in November ;). At $950 for the 3-day pass, though, this is probably the best educational deal you or your company will ever find, and more than a few people see enough value to pay their own way every year.
So I hope we'll see you there!

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