Calling all Scripting Games Puzzles!

Scripting Games

Have you been enjoying our monthly Scripting Games puzzles? Want to keep them going?
Then it's time to jump in and contribute! is a community site, which means it only works when community makes it work! So come up with your Scripting Games puzzles (you've seen the different kinds we've done)! Your submission should include:

  • The puzzle itself. This can include a narrative, example output you want people to achieve, etc.
  • The solution (in code form, and it's fine if you put this on GitHub or in a Gist too), along with a narrative of how and why the solution achieves the goal(s).

Ideally, we'd love it if you could also review some of the entries for your puzzle and provide some commentary on ones that you found noteworthy.
Submit your puzzle to Dan Iverson, our newly minted GamesMaster, via email to gamesmaster@ (and you should be able to figure out our domain name, as you're on our site, right?). We're looking for an April puzzle and beyond! For months where we have no entry, we'll post a "taking a break" at the top of the month, just so you know.
Don't let us down! Personally, I'd love for this to become enough of a thing that we can start awarding not only top entrants (I have been tracking entries each month), but top puzzle authors - and maybe invite them to a PowerShell Summit where we'll do a live Scripting Games event one evening! But it only happens if you help make it happen!

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