My Thoughts – How to Improve the Community Developed PowerShell Modules

This has been something that for a while I had thought of trying to get off the ground after a conversation that initiated on Twitter with June Blender about the quality of the Modules being posted to the PowerShell Gallery and well I’ve finally done the needful to do hopefully help make this a reality.

I for one am proud of the community that we have and the combined knowledge across the different areas of this ever evolving technology and feel that we are in a good position to drive improved quality of published modules to the PowerShell Gallery by making use of the Technologies that we have available to us to help drive a more consistent development pipeline for these modules by tapping into that immense pool of knowledge at just the right points.

This is a current WIP (Work in Progress) but I am committing time to make this a reality and if your interested to read more about this then please head over to my own blog and see this post on this idea.

Pulling the Community Together to Improve the Quality of PowerShell Modules

I hope that there will be a high uptake on this and I will look forward to working with you all in the near future.

About Ryan Yates

Ryan has always had a passion for process automation and started with PowerShell in 2013 to automate a repetitive IT Support task with SharePoint and has not looked back since. Ryan is the Lead Coordinator of the UK PowerShell User Groups ( and a 3 year awardee of the Microsoft MVP Award, Ryan has a mantra of Learn, Share & Network. You can find Ryan on Twitter, LinkedIn and regularly on Slack as well.

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