PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit Videos Online

PowerShell Summit

The session recordings are now online! We did miss a few of the videos. The few 2-hour sessions scheduled in Room 406 were not recorded (and weren't planned to be; we only have two sets of recording equipment, although for 2017 we're adding a third set). And, we had a couple that had video problems on-site and weren't recordable. We hope you'll appreciate that our priority on-site is to provide a great experience for the people who were there, and stopping everything to make sure we get a recording isn't always practical. As always, recordings are on a best-effort basis. As far as we know, we missed one of Matt Graeber's sessions, Lee Holmes' session, and the Microsoft general session from Kenneth Hansen and Angel Cavelo.
A new experiment this year should come online by July 2016. Pluralsight showed up with two film crews, and captured live HD video, and audio right from the speakers' mic, in rooms 404 and 405, which were our main session rooms. Those recordings, which will combine the live video with our screen captures, will be available in the Pluralsight library for all Pluralsight subscribers. Registered attendees of the event will receive free access to those as well, by means of a "slice" of the Pluralsight library.
Note that last-minute registration transferees will not be automatically included in that, as we'll be sending the library information to the originally registered person. In addition, for attendees who did not provide complete contact information (like, if someone else registered you), the notification will go to the contact information we do have. We don't have the ability to update that list at this point, sorry.

11 Responses to " PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit Videos Online "

  1. AK says:

    Thanks, Don, for un update; great news. If I understand correctly, most of the scripts shown in videos are also available online, but including a link to a script repository in video description or in comments might be helpful…

  2. Arie H says:

    Awesome !
    Thanks for the quick uploads. This weekend will thus be summit videos in between game of throne episodes (still catching up)

  3. Arie H says:

    Don, where would be the ideal place to comment/ask about specific things in each of the movies. Some of might be dsc, some might be general powershell and I dont want to flood the forums.
    I could use the YouTube itself but then it might be less ideal in its exposure to the readers of these forums
    Special section / forum / sub forum of the summit forum ?
    Thanks again for the hard work

    • Poshoholic says:

      @Arie H: If your comments/questions are about a specific session, then I think the YouTube comments below that session would be a great place to ask those questions. That will allow speakers who are following those comments to respond. I just added comments about that on YouTube below the sessions that I delivered at this event to encourage people to ask questions and comment. That’s just my opinion though. You can put them in other locations such as forums, but it may be more difficult to get the speaker’s attention there.

    • Don Jones says:

      Since we don’t really have a way of forcing the original speakers to take a look, I’m not sure. You’re welcome to use the forums or the YouTube comments, but you’ll need to contact the speaker (Twitter?) to get their attention.

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  5. Graham Beer says:

    When will the videos be available on pluralsight?

    • Don Jones says:

      Probably by the end of May, I’m guessing, if you’re a subscriber. Getting them edited together takes some time. If you’re not a subscriber, access to this “slice” of the library will take a bit longer to set up.

    • Graham Beer says:

      Thanks Don, yes I’m a subscriber. I’ll start on the youtube videos first then.

  6. Is the demo code available?