The Unicode PowerShell module

After authoring last month scripting games puzzle, which involved some scripting around the Unicode standard, I decided to have some fun and write a PowerShell module which interacts directly with the online Unicode Database (UCD) to retrieve the main properties of characters.












Using this module you will be able to retrieve the following information for a single char or for every char in a given string:

– Glyph name
– General category
– Unicode script
– Unicode block
– Unicode version (or age)
– Decimal value
– Hex value

Here’s a few sample outputs you can get from using the functions in the UnicodeInfo module:

Before you dive into the code, head over to the blog post I wrote describing each and every one of these properties, how some of them are accessible directly from the .NET framework, and how other less known but still relevant can be extracted from the UCD and integrated to the resulting object:

The UnicodeInfo module is available on Github:

The module is for sure ‘Work-In-Progress’ so if you find yourself willing to collaborate, you are very welcome to do so!

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